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The Curse of Over Optimization of Websites

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There was a time when search engines were not so much advanced and webmasters could artificially optimize their websites to trick the search engines into sending more traffic to their websites. That time is no more yet many still keep trying. Search engine optimization is now considered a necessity to promote a website which is true up to some extent. However, in order to promote your website on search engines, you must know what search engines look for.
What is the purpose of a search engine? The sole purpose of a search engine is to dig into the web and bring back the results based upon a searched keyword. The more qualified results a search engine shows, the more users it will get. Search engines try to find results with original contents and more importance for which hundreds of variables are considered. What is SEO? Should I do it? SEO stands for Search engine optimization which mean to make your website compatible with search engines so that they can easily read every part of it. That’s it. As long as you want to make your website search engine friendly, its good. However, problem arises where you try to deceive search engine into thinking that your website is more important that other websites against a keyword. That is when battle between you and search engine begins. As soon as you try to deceive search engines, they sense it and start to devalue your contents which is bad for your website. Using artificial intelligence, search engines can take into account many variables such as bounce rate, session time to sense if shown results have satisfied the researcher or not, if they sense that your website shouldn’t be on the current position, they will soon devalue it. So, the time has come when we should optimize our websites for human beings rather than search engines. Should I Build the Links? Artificial link building will not help you in ranking your website, in fact it can hurt your website repute in the eyes of search engines. If you are serving quality contents on your website then sooner or later people will start to share the links with one another with a natural pattern of link building resulting in better ranking of your website. Keywords Stuffing is a big NO! Keywords stuffing is perhaps the quickest way to get your website penalized or even banned by good search engines. Avoid it at all costs if you don’t want your website to disappear for search results altogether. As for domain names, Although Google and many search engines deny that they give importance to domain names but I personally think domain names DO have some importance! That is because domain names often reflect the scope of the website so I don’t think it’s wise to ignore them altogether. Make sure you don’t intentionally stuff keywords in the domain as that can also put an impression of keyword stuffing however a single keyword related name doesn’t hurt.
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